How to RAISE a child (How to AVOID raising an

How to raise a child (How to avoid raising an entitled child) explained.

How to raise a child – Video recap:
In any case, over-parenting can undermine a child’s self-confidence and make them less resilient.
You’ll soon find that curbing your sense of entitlement is no sacrifice.
Your children will follow your example, so ask yourself what kind of role model you’re providing.
It’s natural to want your children to succeed, but overindulging or sheltering them can backfire.
So, how do you balance caring for your child with helping them to grow up to be independent and appreciative?
It will help them to follow the rules when they start to play school sports or drive a car. Share chores.
Take a look at these proven strategies to turn a sense of entitlement into healthy self-respect.
Your children may stop making excuses if they see you taking ownership of your own decisions. Consider counseling.
Let your child choose the stationery and draw pictures if they’re struggling to find the appropriate words
Try buying your child a basic phone plan, and let them use their allowance to purchase extra minutes and features.
Ironically, an exaggerated sense of entitlement can also be caused by feeling like you were deprived as a child.

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