Raising A Child with Non-Verbal Down Syndrome: Denial, Early Intervention

How is life raising a child with Down Syndrome? How can someone support a family with a Down Syndrome child? How should we interact with someone who has Down’s Syndrome?

Isaac was diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome on top of a genetic heart problem after birth. Jane then admitted Isaac into early intervention treatments to aid him with his Down’s Syndrome condition. Also a working lawyer, Jane shares her challenges, dreams and insights as a full time working mother raising a special needs child with Down Syndrome.

00:00 Intro
00:18 Isaac’s birth & diagnosis
01:16 Genetic Heart Problems
01:48 Post-Surgery and Early Intervention Therapy
03:22 How do you cope with the challenges?
04:22 How should we interact with special needs children?
05:52 Isaac’s personality and life now
06:45 Communicating with children with non-verbal down syndrome
08:11 Are all children with down syndrome the same?
09:53 Advice for mothers with down syndrome child
11:30 Raising a child with down syndrome and working full time
12:16 Where do you find hope and strength through difficult times?
12:34 Communication with siblings of children with down syndrome

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