Top 10 Scary Shark Encounters With People In The Water

Scary Shark Encounters With People In The Water

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Perhaps no other sea creature stirs primal fear like a shark; they move fast, are highly unpredictable, and can get dangerously nervous.
All predatory sharks are kings in their watery domains and you are right to fear them, not the notorious great white shark.
Apparently, even a harmless, plankton-eating basking shark can make the unexperienced sea goer feel quite uneasy.
In truth, there’s no telling what any wild creature is truly capable of, and it is therefore always good practice to keep a safe distance, and not to touch even the most harmless of them all.
Hello dear viewer and welcome to yet another enthralling episode of 100M where we look at the 10 scariest shark encounters.
Number #2 will shock you.

10. Hammerhead Shark Circles Clueless Swimmer!!!
This is the terrifying moment a prowling hammerhead shark swims directly towards an oblivious swimmer in Miami Beach.
The shark was about 10-feet long by the photographer’s estimate.
Drone footage captured the scene as it unfolded, showing the huge shark charging at the clueless swimmer but propels right past him from below his legs.
Unaware of the massive shark circling him the swimmer gives the drone camera a thumbs-up keeps floating on his back to chill in the water.
The shark makes another ran at the swimmer who nearly hits it on its head with his legs.
It’s unclear if the shark was interested in the swimmer at all, or it was simply chasing after fish; given how it charges toward him at a rapid speed but swims right past.
No matter, it eventually loses interest and moves on away from the swimmer who was none-the-wiser through the entire encounter.

9. Fighting Off Aggressive Hammerhead Shark
Kayak fisherman, Mark McCracken, had a good story to tell after a narrow escape from an overly aggressive hammerhead shark.
While hammerhead sharks lack the notoriety of great white sharks, tiger sharks, and bull sharks for attacks on humans, they are aggressive hunters and are not to be underestimated.
This particular hammerhead was bent on ramming McCracken’s kayak, possibly intending to capsize him.
McCracken tried to fend it off with his paddle but the unyielding shark only retreated momentarily and circled right back, attacking the kayak repeatedly for about 15 minutes.
What makes this encounter particularly frightening is the fact that McCracken was all alone in the water about a half-mile off Gaviota State Beach.
He filmed the entire incident right up to the point where it literally escorted him out of its property…I mean, out of the waters.

8. Aggressive Bull Shark Attacks!
In this terrifying clip, an angry bull shark is seen attacking a couple of spearfishermen. The unsuspecting fishermen were shocked when the angry shark hit their small boats during their fishing trip.
It all happened so fast and one of the terrified fishermen nearly toppled over as the rest of the crew anxiously tried to get a handle on the tense situation.
The shark’s silhouette can be seen emerging from the murky waters at a distance as the crew aboard brace themselves for what the impulsive creature was about to do.
Monster sharks are known to attack unprovoked. While this bunch escaped unscathed, bull sharks are notorious for being excessively bad-tempered and quite capable of overturning small fishing boats and surfboards.
It helps if you can get a bigger boat instead.
Being one of the most dangerous species of sharks – ranked third behind tiger sharks and great white sharks when it comes to unprovoked attacks on humans – you don’t want to be on the bad side of an enraged bull shark.

7. Great White Shark Attack, South Africa
Extraordinary footage shot on GoPro captured an underwater spear fisherman’s hair-raising encounter with a massive great white shark off the coast of South Africa.
The torpedo-shaped bulk of a shark enters the frame unexpectedly appearing to be going for a nibble but is stopped by the fisherman’s steel speargun.
As the shark turns and swims away, the panicked fisherman makes a quick swim for the surface and immediately calls out to his crew in the boat.
It’s then that he realizes that the agitated shark had done a tight circle back and was attempting a second strike at him, closing in fast.
Yet again, the position of his speargun made it impossible for the shark to get to him without risking injuring itself first.
There seemed to be a definite change in the environment as the shark seemed more determined to draw blood.
Fortunately, the crew had brought the boat around and managed to pull their mate to safety before the situation got out of hand.

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