5 tips for BMX Parents

Came up with 5 tips that I use for myself when headed into a race weekend, I figured if it helps me, then it could definitely help you and your kids! let me know what you think…

5 tips for BMX Parents

1. Make sure it’s Fun
– You probably already knew I was gonna say this. But We do our best when we’re having fun. Simple as that, remember why you started bmx in the first place!

2. Focus on the Good before the bad
– when reflecting on the race or watching the videos be sure to point out what your child did good, whether they were choosing good lines, doing a certain jump well, or they made a good pass, be sure to point that out to them, after that you can move on to what they can improve for the next race. When you complement the good, it will help turn whatever that was into one of their strengths, when you only point out the “bad” there’s a good chance of turning that problem into a major weakness of theirs. And NEVER say something they did sucked..

3. Focus only on what you can control
– You can’t control who’s in your child’s moto, you can’t control what gate they’ll have or how the weather is going to be that day. A lot of parents come back from the moto board and instantly feed their child a bunch of negative energy which automatically hinders their performance. No top pro focuses on another rider or what gate they have, their focusing on what they need to do to reach their goal for that day. Help your child focus on what he needs to do and don’t have them focusing on the kid who has the #1 plate on his bike or the fact that they have an outside gate. What you focus on expands

4. Remember why you started the sport
– Kinda back to the having fun point, it’s easy to get caught up in the bmx world with sponsors, point rankings and winning races. When you first ever showed up to the bmx track you weren’t thinking about a factory sponsor, or getting a number 1 plate, you most likely just wanted to get some exercise, an adrenaline rush or to just catch some air on your bike. Keeping a beginner mindset will always help you be a better person, a better rider, and give you and your child longevity in the sport.

5. Kids are gonna be kids
– put yourself in your child’s shoes, do you remember being 8yrs old or 13? Their might be a race where their burning hot laps and kicking butt, their also might be a race where their completely out of it and not performing their best. It’s gonna happen, the best thing to do is help them find a way to get in their “zone” or give them a little bribery. Yelling at them is only gonna confuse and upset them, it won’t make them better or faster, plain and simple.


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