Empathy-Based Parenting Educators on the Role of Empathy in Different

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Our panel of Empathy-Based Parenting Educators discuss, What is the Role of Empathy in Different Parenting Styles? Some of the styles discussed are; Authoritarian, Authoritative, Indulgent (permissive), Neglectful (uninvolved), Attachment, Nurturant and Empathic Parenting.

Robbyn Peters Bennett; http://StopSpanking.org
Amy Bryant; Parenting Beyond Punishment – http://parentingbeyondpunishment.com
Kim Hopkins Betts; Lives in the Balance – http://livesinthebalance.org
Lori Petro; TEACH Through Love – http://teach-through-love.com
Edwin Rutsch – http://cultureofempathy.com

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