UPDATE Caught Mom In The Act Of Cheating On Dad

My mom (f51) cheated on dad(58). If it was the first time, I don’t know, although I doubt it but about 9 months ago, my younger sister (f 23) and I caught her in the act in mom and dad’s bed when we got the dates mixed and showed up the wrong weekend to a supposed family gathering. I don’t want to go into details since I don’t know how much is relevant here, but the way we found them probably added to my anger and unforgiving of her.

She swore it was a onetime thing yada yada yada and Dad believed her even though this crushed his spirit, and he is not his bubbly self after that and has lost A LOT of weight since. Nobody else believed her, but my other siblings (m 33, m 31, f 31 & f 23) and some of the other family members who found out thought if he forgave her, it was good enough for them, and after a few months everything was supposed to be as usual.

I did NOT however forgive her, and I told her that evening she was dead to me and she was never to be a part of me or my baby’s (3 months F) life (i was pregnant at the time and I was supposed to break the news in that gathering).

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Update: I caught my mom cheating and now my family went NC because I didn’t want to forgive her
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