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Welcome to the complete History of Prussia. Aside from the political and military history that stands central to this series, I also want to expand a bit on the personal lives of the reigning Electors and Monarchs. Make the documentary a little bit more personal and provide a small peak in the lives of the Kings, beyond their political actions, if you will. The small mini-series “Fathers and Sons” will do just that: give you an idea of the bond between fathers and sons of the Hohenzollern dynasty. From the Great Elector onwards every Hohenzollern ruler left a political testament for his son, a testament that propagated the expansion of power and territory. And, well, it worked. From the Great Elector onwards every generation of Hohenzollerns managed to expand the Prussian territory. But yet, the relationship between fathers and sons of the ruling Hohenzollerns was often a troubled one, filled with strife and resentment.

This series is less about the art of government and development of Prussia, but actually, a very tragic tale of many successive Hohenzollern generations, with each son rejected by their father, only to eventually turn into a father just as horrid as those they had.
This episode we will cover the relationship between Frederick Wilhelm “the Great Elector”, his son, Frederick I “the First King in Prussia” and his son Frederick Wilhelm “the Soldier King”, spanning a reigning period from 1640 to 1740, 100 years exactly. So, let’s see how these 3 generations of Hohenzollern’s got along with each other.

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0:00 Introduction
1:41 The Great Elector and First King
5:21 First King and the Soldier King

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