abdominal tightening during pregancy, symptoms and home remedies

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I am sneha…Mother of two beautiful children a 5 year old daughter and 5 month old son…On this channel I make informative vdo on pregnancy and try to share my experience and my knowledge so far I have about it…..So for any advice or practice plz consult your doctor first…..For more vdo plz press icon for notifications……
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प्रेग्नेंसी में अल्ट्रासाउंड कब कब,कितनी बार करनी चाहिए,कितना खर्च आता है

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Ultrasound report me FL and TL ka kya matlb hota he

My pregnancy and delivery story 2020

Anomaly scan me grading 0,2,2,3,4 ka kya mtlb hota he

Anomaly ultrasound me baby gender kaha likha hota he

Baby boy hone pe kya sanket milate he pregnancy me

गर्भधारण के पहले कोनसी bloood टेस्ट जरूरी है

Double marker test explain in detail

My FHR gender predictions experience through my ultrasound report

NT scan report//how to read NT sonography report

Anomaly scan//2D,4D ultrasound report

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New born baby essential

Baby growth during pregnancy week by week

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