Breast care in men/boys| Does men have breast issues &

Breast care in men/boys| does men have breast issues & concern
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This video explains and answers-
1. Breast care in men/boys
2. does men have breast issues & concern
3. breast concerns in boys
4. Breast care in men in hindi

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From childhood I was excited and live to express my thoughts through words
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I’m Shrreya Shah,
*Mom of Two Beautiful girls who are national and state level players
*Crowned as Mrs India Exquisite & Mrs International Exquisite in 2015,
* My teaching are inspired from Lamaze ways
* I am lactation consultant coming from origin of personally not getting help when I needed it most during my breastfeeding journey. So decided to help enough to make it peaceful journey
* I am a childbirth Educator at renowned Hospitals in Pune & Mumbai
* Author of the book “ToBe moms Diary”, “To Be dads Diary” & co-author of best seller book “Ignite your parenting ”

Mydvija believes- ” Life is all about being powerful in situations as I know my life is my creation.”
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1. Boost ferility, Conceive smoothly and quickly

Boost Fertility

2. Blissful pregnancy Your entire journey of pregnancy ,antenal pre pregnancy & post delivery

Blissful Pregnancy

3. Weaning ( introducing solids) myths surrounding solid food & baby weaning process.

Weaning Baby

4. Pregnancy Fitness

Pregnancy Fitness

5. Final Lap, to ease the third trimester roller coaster ride

6. Mother’s excercise.

7. Play date with your bundle of joy , consist of many activities to do with 0-2 year baby.

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